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BNI Colorado serves the communities of the front range including Boulder, Denver Metro and Colorado Springs, and northern Colorado including
Fort Collins.

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BNI Colorado
3585 Van Teylingen Dr.,
Suite C

Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Phone 719-264-1300
Fax 719-570-0497


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BNI Colorado Chapter locations mapThere are more than 50 BNI Colorado chapters in the communities of the front range and northern Colorado. There are BNI chapters in Boulder, Denver Metro, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.

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BNI Colorado Chapter List  
BNI Colorado Showcase chapter Showcase Chapter
BNI Colorado Founder''s Award chapter Founder's Award Chapter
BNI Higher Ground Networking core group Core Group chapter currently undergoing training.
 For more information call (719) 264-1300.


BNI Summit Partners Chapter - D54 BNI Higher Ground Networking core group

BNI Boulder Business Builders Chapter - N21 BNI Colorado Showcase chapter
BNI Boulder Business RAISE Chapter - N23
BNI Boulder Chapter - N13
BNI Boulder Relationship Builders Chapter - N15

BNI Winning Edge Chapter - D09 BNI Colorado Showcase chapter

Castle Rock 
BNI Momentum Mo'Money Chapter - D49

BNI Quantum Business Builders - D36
BNI Successful Synergies Chapter - D31

Colorado Springs
BNI Dynamic Alliances Chapter - CS36 BNI Colorado Showcase chapter
BNI Great Expectations Chapter - CS13
BNI Incline Referrals Chapter - CS42
BNI Movers and Shakers - CS41
BNI Network Masters Chapter - CS18
BNI Network Navigators Chapter - CS38 BNI Colorado Showcase chapter BNI Colorado Founder''s Award chapter
BNI Northern Exposure Chapter - CS02
BNI Peak Referral Network BNI - CS10
BNI Pikes Peak Professionals Chapter - CS32
BNI Rocky Mountain Business Builders Chapter - CS15
BNI Strategic Alliances Chapter - CS34BNI Colorado Showcase chapter
BNI Success Partners Chapter - CS28
BNI The Powers Link Chapter - CS25

BNI 5280 Force Chapter - D53
BNI Action Partners Chapter - D17 BNI Colorado Showcase chapter
BNI Advantage Networkers - D40 BNI Colorado Showcase chapter 
BNI Business Professionals of Colorado - D51 
BNI Capitol Gains -D43
BNI Greater Denver Chapter - D12 BNI Colorado Showcase chapter
BNI Metro Referral Matrix Chapter - D14 BNI Colorado Showcase chapter
BNI Peak Performance Chapter - D52 
BNI Platinum Connections - D35 BNI Colorado Showcase chapter
BNI Rainmakers Chapter - D46
BNI Rocky Mountain Referral Partners-D41
BNI Strategic Partners Chapter - D13

Fort Collins
BNI Fast Track Chapter - N09 BNI Colorado Showcase chapter
BNI Fort Fun Chapter - N04

BNI Connecting Colorado - D38

BNI Westside Connection Chapter - D03 BNI Colorado Showcase chapter

BNI Front Range Pace Setters Chapter - N12 BNI Colorado Founder''s Award chapter
BNI Greeley PHDs Chapter - N26

Greenwood Village
BNI Front Range Business Connections - D02
BNI Full Throttle Chapter - D24 BNI Colorado Showcase chapter
BNI Mile High BNI - D42
BNI Six Degree Connections - D44
BNI Trailblazers Chapter - D28

Highlands Ranch

BNI Marketing Masters Group Chapter - D11

Lone Tree
BNI Connections at Lone Tree Chapter - D10
BNI Inverness Chapters Connections - D39

BNI 2 Y.E.S. Chapter - N27
BNI Money Makers Chapter - N19

BNI Good Morning Group Chapter - N01
BNI Northern Colorado Business Builders Chapter - N20
BNI Team Builders - N25

BNI Tri-Lakes Chapter - CS20

BNI A1 Business Builders Chapter - D19
BNI All About Business Chapter - D16
BNI Dynamic Referrals Chapter - D15

BNI Front Range Business Leaders Chapter - N08


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